Parked - A Madestack Theme for Food Trucks

Photography by Christina Mcneill

Parked Feature List | Live Demo

Our Parked template is a beautiful website based off of our Curb theme with individual loading and customizable pages for each section. You choose the content, our template will help you bring it to life with a clean, modern aesthetic. And like all of our templates, it’s designed by expert designers, and built by developers who dream in code. Get creative while you add your own photos, branding, and color schemes.


We've designed our Parked theme to include our universal feature set which includes hosting, built-in Google analytics and live social media feeds, such as Twitter and Instagram.


Our Premium level of curb comes with our universal features as well as some premium level add-ins such as a blog, event calendar for sharing your truck's location, and a matching email template for sending updates to your subscribers.

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